WYSIWYG processes are common more than ever. Our daily life is composed out of the elusive relationship between information and simulation and it seems hard to tell what is the original piece of action and what is the derivative of a once known original instruction.

Basically what shematisation does is denoting the value of a potential. The sheme brings past future and present into line and reveals the reproducibility of the potential because the exchangeability of time sets the idea in transit.
The architecture of corporate design as a visualisation of the sheme is qualifying diverse products and employees for commitment towards the vacancy. Corporate design is the blank character.

Since branding uses terms such as ALPHABET to mark a private property (incorporated company), it can be seen as the monopolisation of common goods (like terms are) which is the privatisation of language at the end of the day (®).

Jamaican label and soundsystem operator Henry Junjo Lawes must have been sure that his institution VOLCANO represents the figure of a 'volcano sound' the most authentic way as well as Alvin Ranglin must have felt when naming his interpretation of 'volcano sound' VOLCANO, too. Both interpretations engage in competition with each other. The reciprocal assumption that the 'other VOLCANO' could be at the more contemporary interpretation is an allegory of democracy after all.

In 2018 german governor Markus Söder (CSU) induced the installation of crucifixes in federal state authority buildings of Bavaria. Söder was emphasising that the crucifix does not symbolize a specific religion but rather the commitment to the identity and cultural imprint of the bavarian state.
It is debatable if ADIDAS® AG of Herzogenaurach could symbolize the commitment to the identity and cultural imprint of Bavaria equally effective. Alongside its representation of Germany at the world stage of sports events under the slogan THE WORLD BRAND WITH THE THREE STRIPES; the german police special forces by designing the tactical boot GSG 9; and colonial rule by manufacturing in Vietnam.

If somebody would protest against the interlacing of religious tradition and political daily business by performing the action of deinstalling crucifixes in public buildings, more than likely police forces would show up to prevent the newborn criminal act. So public service would be substituted with religious service then and put democracy in danger.