Saltatory Conduction.gif by Dr. Jana,
licensed under CC BY 4.0
Jan Vahl (1989, BRD) is a conceptual artist and researcher who works at the interface between the visual arts, time-based media and design.
With the help of techniques such as painting, sound, prosaic writing, moving images, web applications and traditional craftmxnship of tailoring, Jan weaves a rhizomatic fabrique that is devoted to dealing with corperate culture and examining language systems for their authoritarian qualities from a posthuman perspective, with the aim of making subversive suggestions to the viewer, with the help of which a possible individual contradiction of authoritarian arguments should become conceivable and the unconscious reproduction of such traditional patterns can experience a containment through conscious confrontation.
In his artistic practice, Jan takes up the personal experience of the handicap caused by the chronic nervous disease HNPP as an abstract protagonist in order to oppose this to the patriarchal narrative and its traditional norms with regard to questions of the self-concept and masculine dominance. In this process, the malfunction is assigned the role of indication, which acts as a reminder to counteract blunt systemic affirmation. Starting from the personal dimension of the cause, the genetic defect, Jan examines current power complexes for their DNA in order to be able to find points of contact for possible mutations. The nerve conduction velocity serves the context of the artistic narrative as a metaphor for language, information politics and general infrastructure within which the loss of the myelin sheath appears as a representative for an alternate way of dealing with the experience of time and impulse.
Jan is currently based in Rotterdam, NL.