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I throw five dices into the moravec's paradox. 56544. TEAR [-1] shall be the beginning word of my passphrase Earth Cry, which is a play containing the roles of terra, 56544, wood, sun & empty after 4 iterations in which the dice were thrown into the paradox.
Every passphrase can be turned into an exercise in autonomous satellite application, when meta-versions of the self are assigned to and associated with the outcome of the HRNG [0] moment. Feel free to observe the emotional core from a variety of perspectives. If a critic would ask, the number 5 could be based on the πεντάγραμμον [1], which would be supposed to give the exercise a rotating structure. The cast of the 5 roles could derive from the four elements of alchemy [2] : Ignis, Terra, Aqua and Aer – as components of being – in combination with a fifth element that embodies the context of the four: The Empty [3].
Concepts are rehearsed lies.

Joy is the accepted ignorance of the urgency of the world, but necessary for change to take place.
Consider a good possible outcome of the exercise as a proxy that is serving your emotional matrix with protection at a time when there is seemingly silent acceptance in the permanent public. After a few iterations of the structure, you can begin to fractalize [4] the πεντάγραμμον [1] and create additional networks that will still conform to the initial rotation mode.

I breathe

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 Hardware random number generator
 pentágrammon – from πέντε (pente), "five" + γραμμή (grammē), "line"