Bell. One deep breath. You are below sea level. There's water in your lungs now. But it's fine, it's fine. Do not worry, focus on the oxygen that's left in you. Get involved with the ocean slowly. Body is a bloody temple. You got to grow. Make sure to keep your temperature stable. Try to breathe roughly 6.66666 times a minute. Practice 9 counts each period of breath. 3 inhale, 3 hold, 3 exhale. Search for pain, get in contact with it. Scale yourself to the size of a cow. How many human sized legs would a whale need to travel dry territory again? Life is at stake. My stake? – We are a Craseonycteris thonglongyai hanging inside the whale's abdomen. Is there any audience? Will you have to think about how to bow in applause? No. A shrimp is joining the scene. See the ocean in between the shrimps‘ antennae. See you in this ocean, too. You, the whale, containing you.

Jan Vahl, Kryptobiose. Videostill showing stranded algae. Jan Vahl, Kryptobiose. Videostill showing an anemone saying there is water in our lungs. Jan Vahl, Kryptobiose. Videostill showing a burning steel structure as a reference to the technology of fire. Jan Vahl, Kryptobiose. Videostill showing the dorsal fin of a whale along with asking how many human sized legs a whale would need to travel dry territory. Jan Vahl, Kryptobiose. Videostill showing the reflection of the sun on the ocean with little waves.
Kryptobiose, 3840 × 2160 PX
Single-Channel Video, 07:24 min

Kryptobiose is a speculative video showing an anemone channeling waves about belief in cryptobiosis extracted from the storage medium of global waters. In the story, the tardigrade represents the symbolic placeholder for changing one's own metabolic parameters, up to and including paused participation in the higher-level metabolism of our planet and the universe.
The resource for the samples was, among others, Dr. Roger S. Payne‘s ‘Songs Of The Humpback Whale‘ (National Geographic, 1979) to link his statements about whales using the ocean as such as their medium of communication.

Jan Vahl, Kryptobiose. Video work on a screen mounted on a cart.
Kryptobiose was shown as part of the Walhertz series.

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